Skin Cancer Services

Diagnostic Services

Our highly qualified doctors will ensure that any skin cancer concerns you may have, are answered openly and without lots of medical jargon. They’ll guide you through the steps for a full skin check and recommend further follow up tests if necessary. And if you are diagnosed with a form of skin cancer you can be confident it will be treated with utmost skill in our state-of-the-art consulting rooms and theatres.

The first steps

We recommend that all Australian adults have a regular full skin check that includes dermoscopy. This involves the doctor examining your skin, from head to toe, using simple magnification, dermoscopy and digital dermoscopy. Usually, it can be done while you’re in your underwear. Of course, if you wish, areas normally covered by underwear can also be examined.

What is dermoscopy?

Dermoscopy is the use of a special skin microscope, which allows the doctor to see beneath the skin. The ability to see elements deep within the skin provides the doctor with more information to make a decision regarding a suspicious skin lesion or mole.

Computerised or digital dermoscopy can be used to save images for future comparisons. This provides even more information for the doctor to use when analysing skin marks. Our practice is equiped with the latest molemax machines.

Not only does this lead to an earlier detection of skin cancer, but also prevents unnecessary cutting out of a skin lesion or mole that then turns out to be harmless.

When should I have the skin test?

Winter is a good time for full skin checks that involve dermoscopy. Most people’s skin is covered up during the winter months, which minimises sun exposure to the skin lesions or moles. This means the doctor can make a more accurate assessment of your skin. Even short but intense periods of sun-exposure can cause a mole to change, which can make a normal mole appear suspicious.